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Only an authorized user can create a page of the organization. If you have an account on the service Expodat, you must sign up.

The button «Add company» is available for the authorized users and located in the upper part of the page.


In the window that opens when you click «Add company», you will need to fill in information about organization in Russian Language.

On the tab «English info» you should enter the appropriate parameters in English.

When you had filled in the required parameters, click "Save" and you will be taken to a page of the organization that was created by you.

Important! You are the only one who can see the recently created page of your organization. This is made this way to give you an opportunity to fully fill the information about your organization.

Click "Publish" , that all the visitors of service will be able to see the page of the organization. The button "Publish" located in the upper part of the page and duplicated in the module «Administration» .

If you have any questions you can write to the chat support service. We will try to help you as soon as possible.